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test test test [19 Oct 2006|04:02pm]
10.09.06 Lecture 8

Refusal to see Jews as a Nation

- During 19th century many movements but no cohesive Zionist movement until 1888

Utopian Zionism

- Mordecai M. Noah
- Prominent American Jew
- Proposes a "city of refuge" in Upstate New York to be called Ararat
- His plan receives attention in Europe and new Jewish newspapers
- Wanted to integrate Native Americans and Jews together
- Chief Red Jacket

Meanwhile, back in Europe... Heinrich Heine

- Leftist whose family intends him to convert
- Becomes involved in Jewish reform activities
- Converts in 1825 to become a law professor but it never happens
- Major amazing poet, best poet of Germany
- Self-hating Jew?

Eduard Gans

- Similar story to Heine's
- Leader of the Science of Judaism
- How should we interpret career conversions?

Heine wrote horrible poem about Gans castigating him for converting for advancement AFTER HE'D DONE IT HIMSELF

Ludwig Boerne

Grew up in Jewish district in Frankfurt
Converted to have a stronger social standing
Political writer and satirist
Upheld rights of individual
Became leader of revolutionary German literary movement

Ludwig wanted to marry a woman who wouldn't convert so they couldn't marry

Karl Marx

- Born in Trier, Germany in 1818
- Converted by his father at age 6 in 1824
- Fell in love with a noblewoman whose father was his patron and they married
- Attended University of became a devotee of Hegel
- Self-hater, saw Jews in marketplace, decided they were greedy and worshipped $
- No background in Judaic studies

Karl Marx in 1843

- Kabbalistic himself b/c his ideas are in a text which people must master
- Why do Jews like Marx become socialists in the 19th cent.?
- Which matters more, parallels between socialism and Judaism or the differences
- French and German streams of antisemitism united by Marx? German: Jews as a race; French: Jews as economic force
- Biblical tradition of social criticism (transmitted by secular anti-religious Jews?)
- Proportion of Sephardic Jews is slipping... because of poor hygiene in Mediterranean?

Blood Libel in Damascus

- One of the accused was an Austrian citizen, escaped prison, fled to Austrian consul...

James Rothschild and Adolphe Cremieux

- How should we see the Rothschilds and Montefiore at this juncture?
- Heroes of the Jewish people?
- Latter-day Court Jews with more power?
- Does their behavior stimulate antisemitism?
- Why do Marx and other leftists hate the Jewish elite?

Ferdinand Lasalle

- Thinks Jews should rebel rather than subside meekly
- Dies in a duel over a noblewoman (embarrassing for a socialist!)
- Esp for a professional revolutionary LOL

Moses Hess

- Born in Bonn Ger
- Raised by grandfather who taught him Hebrew
- 1837 becomes a Spinozist
- Active in 1848 revolution
- But broke with Marx
- Marx was a materialist, Hess was an ethical socialist
- Married a prostitute
- Studies anthro and believes in multicultural harmonious socialism
- May have taken idea from Herder
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Ummm... [29 Nov 2005|04:43am]
[ mood | confused ]

I thought I should post something, because it seems like the cool thing to do. But perhaps sleep would be even cooler. LJ hates me, and the feeling is mutual.

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